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St Mary Mackillop Visit - Year 7 Transition

St Mary Mackillop Visit – Mr Ben Horrocks
Today we were joined by Mr Horrocks and some ex-students to discuss with us some of the finer points of what the students can expect when they attend High School next year.
I asked the students to share the best piece of advice that they received today either from Mr Horrocks or the students Cam, Lily, Lahni and Charlie.
Have your child show you our Edmodo page to see what they learnt!
There will be more information about the Mackillop Parent Information Evening (date TBA) and the Year 6 Orientation Day (25th November) coming in the next few weeks. I am just waiting to have some of the final details confirmed.
For the Orientation Day, students are asked to wear their Coloured House T-Shirt.
During the presentation I took some notes to share with you (the parents) so that you can have some idea of what was discussed today.  Much of what I am sharing with you today will be information given to you again at the Parent Information Evening.
Here is a summ…

Week 3 - Homework and Notices

Good morning,

A couple of items to be aware of for the coming weeks!

iMovie Task - this is a joint project that the students will be working on in Library (Wednesday) and in our English lesson (Thursday) each week. The students brought home a copy of the Task Outline last Wednesday for your signature so that Mrs Meyer and myself know that you have seen it and are aware of what is required. 

The students will need to work on some of these tasks at home. In order to assist them with any questions or technical issues, Mrs Meyer and I will be running a Genius Bar on a Wednesday at lunchtime if your child has any questions or needs any help. If they have any questions before or after that they are welcome to email them to myself or Mrs Meyer or come and speak with us directly.

This task is due Monday 23rd November.

We will be sharing the iMovie's at a Year 6 Family night on Thursday 26th November. Further details will be coming on this in the coming weeks, so please mark your calendar.

Year …

New Books - Thank You P&F

Good afternoon,

I just wanted to share with you that due to the generosity of the P&F, our class bookshelves have been boosted with some new titles for the students to enjoy!

These books were purchased through Scholastic Book Club and we have received a selection of titles - some are recent publications and there is certainly a few old favourites in there as well!

The P&F kindly agreed to fund some new books for our shelves as the students were looking for new reading material.

We are very grateful to the P&F for their generosity, the students are looking forward to getting into them tomorrow!

Happy reading,

Mrs Delane

Week 2 - Term 4

Good afternoon Parents,

I hope that those of you that went to Family Camp had a great time and have hopefully caught up on all the washing! 

I just have a few dates and important points to note:

Mathletics - each week students have tasks assigned for them to complete. These can be done in class or as additional homework. At times I will exclusively set Mathletics tasks for the week. Can you please check with your child to see if they have any outstanding tasks as I can only set 10 per child. As I have differentiated for what your particular child needs it is very important that your child completes the given tasks as I can not set new ones until they have done so.

I have set the minimum pass mark at 85% so if the task reappears again - please know that this is because additional revision is required.

Flipping Around Our Learning - last week during our Maths lessons we had a fantastic opportunity for the students to become the teacher! During our small group sessions we discuss and support …

Week 1 - Term 4 Has Begun!

Good afternoon,

I hope that you all enjoyed a relaxing break!

Religious Education and Health -  

The next Religious Education unit begins by exploring the Catholic understanding of sexuality. It focuses in particular upon the special way husband and wives express their sexuality in the Sacrament of Marriage.
The unit introduces to the children ways in which Jesus always expresses love and goodness through his body. It then presents how he makes his followers ‘new creatures’ through Baptism so that they can do the same. The Rite of Baptism and symbols used during the Baptismal ceremony will also be explored.
Finally, the unit explores ways in which the two Great Commandments help people understand how to express love and goodness through their bodies.

In conjunction with the RE Unit of Work, during our Health classes I will be using the CEO approved “Things are Changing” programme to help the students further understand the physical and emotional changes that occur during puberty. There are …