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Term 3, Week 7

Hi everybody!
What a cracker weekend! Sun was shining and the Eagles secured 2 home finals!
Quote of the Week:

The Amazing Nautical Race: The kids have been busy searching the classroom for clues over the past week and these clues have taken them to different locations around the world. Have a chat to your child regarding the race and what it all means.
Family Camp Artwork: The students have been asked to come up with the logo for the 2018 Family Camp at Donnelly River. If your child is participating, they will need their artwork completed by Friday, 31st August.

Confirmation Cake:
The children wanted to say a big thank you to Mrs Buxcey for organising the cake (which was very yummy!) and to any of the parents that helped out during the preparation for Confirmation.

Special mention to Sue-Ellen for providing her talents with a pen and writing the candidates names on their certificates.

It really was a a whole community effort to prepare all of the Year 6's for this special occasion, so tha…

Jungle Book Helpers

Dear Parents,
The Jungle Book production is soon to be upon us. Most things are progressing steadily but of course, as per usual, I am starting to stress a little as there are still many things to do!
The children have been great and are really getting into the swing of the story and music. However, please help at home by making sure they listen and sing with their CD each evening and of course learn any lines for the script.
We are blessed to have Tammi and Sherylee as they do have the costumes under control and you have been alerted to anything else you need to provide.
Just a reminder of our dates; Tuesday 11th matinee, at 1.00pm.  (We will require helpers for make up etc on this day) Thursday 13th, Friday 14th, commencing at 7pm. Apparently we are experimenting with buying our tickets online this year, more info soon.  Prices are as previous years. $15 per adult, $5 per child.
I will be in touch again as things come up!! Thanks for your valuable support, Maureen x Maureen Horrock…