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Week 3 Update

Good morning parents,

I hope that you weren't blown away over the weekend, I was lucky enough to get completely saturated twice on Saturday!

Just a few reminders for this very special and important week.

Parent Letters - these are due today. Please make sure they are clearly labelled with your child's name. If you have not already given it to me, can you please make sure that it is handed in tomorrow morning at the absolute latest.

Confirmation Retreat - please make sure that your name is down next a plate. All food can be taken to the canteen on Wednesday morning. There are still a few empty spaces left...if you can't make it into class please email Alisa or myself and we can make a note for you.

This a free dress day - please make sure your child is warm and comfortable.

Confirmation Ceremony Rehearsals - these will be on Wednesday afternoon at 1.30pm, we will be attending Reconciliation on Thursday morning at 10.30am and then another rehearsal on Friday afternoon at 1.30pm.


Confirmation Reminders

Good morning,

Just a couple of reminders for the candidates and prayer buddies as we continue our preparations to celebrate the Sacrament on Saturday 5th August.

Bishop's Visit - On Monday 31st August Bishop Gerard Holohan will be coming to meet all of the students and spend some time discussing their preparations. We have been learning a lot about the Fruits and Gifts given by the Holy Spirit, we have looked at the Nine Beatitudes and discussed how they can show these within their own lives as well as writing a procedure on the Rite of Confirmation.

During his visit he will be asking all the students (not just candidates) a wide variety of questions about the Sacrament and their preparations. If you can spend some time reviewing these concepts over the coming days with your child that would be great! This will help them to feel confident with any questions!

Sashes - Those students that are having their sash done by Hip Pocket will receive it back on Thursday 3rd August. 

Parent Letter…

Friendology Shared Morning Tea - Friday 11th August

­ 25th July 2017
Dear Year 5 & 6 Parents,
Re: Friendology 101 Shared Morning Tea (Friday 11th August)
To celebrate the end of our Friendology 101 sessions we would like to have a shared morning tea on Friday 11th August beginning at 10am.
If all girls could please bring in a small plate of food to share that would be wonderful! Please be mindful that refrigeration space is limited.
We will be sharing our Sole Projects with each other and will enjoy the afternoon reflecting on the process and skills that we have learnt over the last term and a half and enjoying each other’s company. In our sessions we have looked at: 1. How to Get Real – focuses on the importance of being true to who you are, embracing your unique self, and dispelling myths around gender stereotypes. 2.How to Make Friends – focuses on the art of friendship-making starting with how to introduce yourself, find something in common, and have a conversation. Students also learn what’s normal in a friendship through the 4 Fri…

Confirmation Card Example

Good morning,

Please see below for an example of how the Confirmation Card needs to be completed.

Please make sure that mum's fill in their maiden name and include the date of Confirmation as 5th August 2017.

These need to be filled in and returned to me by Monday 31st July along with the list of completed Sacraments and $25.

If you need another copy, please let me know.
Thank you, Mrs Delane 

Week 2 Update

Good afternoon parents,

A very big thank you to those parents and students that attended our Commitment Mass on Saturday. I was very proud of the students and the attitude they demonstrated towards the mass.

I would also like to thank all the parents that came along to our Confirmation Parent Workshop - I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did!!

Confirmation Parent Letters - Please make sure that you are working on these. They are due in on Monday 31st July and will be given out at our retreat on Wednesday. Please make sure they are clearly labelled with your child's name.

Confirmation Retreat - Alisa Allison has kindly volunteered to coordinate morning tea and lunch on this day. She will be in touch with you all shortly to coordinate your contributions.

I am sure that she will also need helpers on the day if you are available. Morning tea will be at 11am and lunch will be served at 12.45pm through to approximately 1.15pm. We will walk down to Church after a quick play to r…

The Little Mermaid - Before School Rehearsals

The Little Mermaid - Before School Rehearsals

In the coming weeks we will need to be having some rehearsals before school. Please check below if you are needed and on what day.

These are the before school rehearsal times for next week. 

Monday. 8.30 Song, "Fathoms Below" Pilot, Prince Eric, Grimsby and Sailors
Tuesday. 8.30 King Triton, Seahorse, Sebastian x2 Mersisters 
Wednesday, 8.30. "Human Stuff" Flounder, Ariel, Scuttle, all Seagulls

If you travel to school by bus in the morning, that is okay. If you can please get to the hall as soon as you can. 

Thanks, Mrs Horrocks and Mrs Delane

Year Book Outline - Digital Copy

Year Book 2017
You will need to include the following in your Year Book. They will need to be done in this order. These will be worked on at home and during our rehearsal times so please make sure you bring them on those days. ·Cover Page·Contents Page·Class of 2017·Kindy·Pre-Primary·Year 1·Year 2·Year 3·Year 4·Year 5
You can include pictures of the following either separately or on the page for that year – for example pictures of your Year 5 camp might appear on your Year 5 page or you can do a separate one for Camps.
·Camps ·Sport Days – Swimming/Athletics/Cross Country/Interschool etc. ·Musical ·Friends/Signatures ·Awards ·Confirmation ·Graduation ·Any other pages that you might think of you can include.
Include any photos, embellishments, award cards, special pieces of art that you may have created that year. You do not need to spend a lot of money printing photos or buying lots of materials – you can decorate your page through drawing as well.
I would like this to be your own piece of work, h…

Welcome to Week 1 - Term 3

Good morning parents,

Welcome back for the term! I hope that you enjoyed the break.

I sent an email last week outlining some important information about Confirmation, please take the time to have a read. I will see all candidates and their parents at our Workshop on Thursday night beginning at 5.30pm in the Hall - prayer buddies are not expected to attend on Thursday night.

All students and their families are expected to attend the Confirmation Commitment Mass on Saturday 22nd July beginning at 6pm.

Please make a note of the dates in your diary.

Family Camp - I will be sending home forms for Family Camp to the Year 6 families this as you are being given priority in attending. If you are interested in attending this year, you will need to have your forms returned to the office by Friday 28th July.

Please see below for the Homework assigned for this week.
Reading - 10-15 minutes written in their diary and signed.
Spelling - LCWC for all list words. Please make sure their work is being done neat…