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Human Development - Health and Religious Education

27th April 2016
Dear Parents of Silver Room,
Re: Health and next Religious Education Unit to be explored in Year Six
The basic purpose for which God created the human body is so that human beings can express the love and the goodness within them. Sexuality is the distinctive ways males and females express love and goodness through their thoughts, feelings, bodies and relationships.
The next Religious Education unit begins by exploring the Catholic understanding of sexuality. It focuses in particular upon the special way husband and wives express their sexuality in the Sacrament of Marriage.
The unit introduces to the children ways in which Jesus always expresses love and goodness through his body. It then presents how he makes his followers ‘new creatures’ through Baptism so that they can do the same. The Rite of Baptism and symbols used during the Baptismal ceremony will also be explored.
Finally, the unit explores ways in which the two Great Commandments help people understand how to expr…

Camp Packing List 2016

Essential Items for Camp 2016 What you will need: (Please remember to keep it simple and make sure that all items are labelled) Packed
·Packed Recess and Lunch – Monday 16th May. (Don’t bring a lunchbox – wrap your lunch in disposable wrap that we can dispose of once you have finished eating.)
·Water Bottle – please label
·Small Back Pack - for travelling to and from camp
·Fitted Sheet & Sleeping Bag
·Pillow with a Pillow Case
·Casual Clothes - the weather will be cool at night. (There will be a fair bit of mud and dust involved in our activities, so please make sure that your child does not bring their best clothes) Include: Shorts T-Shirts – short and long sleeve Track Pants

Medical and Emergency Contact Information Form

CampMedical & Emergency Information - Confidential
The following information is required so that your child can be given the best possible care while on camp. All information is completely confidential.
Child’s Surname:
Christian Name:
Home Phone Number:

Work Phone Number:

Mobile Number:
Medicare Number:
Number Position on Medicare Card:

Nominated Emergency Contact Person:
Relationship to the Child:
Contact Phone Number:

Camp Permission Slip

Wednesday, 27th April 2016
Year 6 Camp – Dwellingup 2016
 Dear Parents,
Please complete the “Permission Slip” (below), and the separate “Camp Medical & Emergency Information” slip. Please return the completed forms by Tuesday 10th May.
The cost for camp this year will be $346 for students and $282 for the adults attending. This amount is payable by Friday 13th May.
If there are any difficulties with making this payment, please come and speak to myself or Mr Wilkie as soon as possible.
Thank you for your continued support, I am looking forward to an enjoyable week on Camp!
Yours sincerely, Caitlin Delane
Permission Slip, Year 6 Camp 2016, DARE Adventures, Dwellingup
I give my child  permission to attend the Year 6 School Camp at DARE Adventures, Dwellingup, leaving school at 8:00am on Monday 16th May and returning to school on Friday 20th May at approximately 3.15 pm.

Signed:     Date: