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Welcome to Week 4!

Good morning and welcome to the week,

We have continued our fantastic start to the term and I am very impressed with the way the students are working. I will be very sad to pass them off!

St Mary MacKillop School Visit - This week on Thursday 3rd November at 9am the students will listen to a presentation from the Year 7 Co-ordinator Mrs Katrina Grylls and Ms Emma King. This presentation gives them an introduction to what they can expect as they transition to high school next year. All students will attend even if they are not attending St Mary MacKillop next year. In previous years, ex-students who are currently in Year 7 come to talk to the students about what it is like and to give them some hints and tips!

Students will also be invited to attend the St Mary MacKillop Orientation Day on Wednesday 23rd November. Please mark this date in your diary, you can expect to hear from the St Mary MacKillop staff directly in relation to this. 

Just a reminder that Monday 7th November is a…

Week 2

Good afternoon parents,

Welcome to Week 2...I hope that those families that were at Camp enjoyed it? It was a great experience for all the children to be sounds like they had a great time!

Fete Money - Caroline has been in touch with all families in regards to the items needed for the Year 6 stall. If you can please make sure that you get that money in as soon as possible in an envelope that has been clearly labelled with your child's name.

The organisers have asked if any Year 6 children would be willing to man the drinks stall to help sell drinks and ice-creams. I have roster that has been given to me, if you are happy for your child to help they can put their name down.

See you all at the Fete kicking off from 10am!

Inter-school Carnival - This is on this Thursday 20th October. Please make sure that your child has returned their permission slip.

We have been busy this term already finishing off our interpretations of the 'Jabberwocky' poem writ…

Welcome to Term 4

Good morning,
Welcome back to Term 4. I hope that you all enjoyed a nice and relaxing break...the students have been filling me in on all of their adventures and it sounds like they had a fantastic break!
As this is our last term together I am trying to really encourage the students to make the most of the experiences that are on offer...we had a fantastic carnival day yesterday and I was incredibly proud of the leadership shown by ALL Year 6 students in organising, encouraging and supporting the students in their faction to be at their best!
As you know it is going to once again be a very busy term...Please make sure that you are checking the school calendar to make sure that you are aware of all that is happening. I will put in each post a reminder of the upcoming events for you to help keep up with it all.
Graduation - The Year 5 parents are busily working away on preparing an amazing night for us. We will have our Graduation Mass and Dinner on Friday 2nd December. Please mark…