Welcome to Term 4

Good morning,

Welcome back to Term 4. I hope that you all enjoyed a nice and relaxing break...the students have been filling me in on all of their adventures and it sounds like they had a fantastic break!

As this is our last term together I am trying to really encourage the students to make the most of the experiences that are on offer...we had a fantastic carnival day yesterday and I was incredibly proud of the leadership shown by ALL Year 6 students in organising, encouraging and supporting the students in their faction to be at their best!

As you know it is going to once again be a very busy term...Please make sure that you are checking the school calendar to make sure that you are aware of all that is happening. I will put in each post a reminder of the upcoming events for you to help keep up with it all.


Graduation - The Year 5 parents are busily working away on preparing an amazing night for us. We will have our Graduation Mass and Dinner on Friday 2nd December. Please mark this date in your diaries...more information will follow in the coming weeks.

School Fete - This is on Sunday October 23rd. If your child is able to busk at the Fete, can you please let me know. 

The students will re-commence Guitar with Mrs Horrocks during their Music time this term which will be Monday afternoons (1.30pm - 2.30pm)...just in case you need to run them up if they leave them at home.

Please make sure that your child is also working on their Year Book as part of their Homework each week. They have a copy of the outline with due dates given if you can please touch base with them to check on their progress. Year Books can be taken home over the weekend/overnight but they must come back to school the next Monday/day.

Due Date
·         Cover Page
·         Contents Page
Week 6 – Term 3
·         Class of 2016
·         Leaders – can list people in factions you must include the Head Boy and Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Head Girl and Sports Captains.
Week 9 – Term 3
·         Early Years & Kindy
·         Pre-Primary & Year 1
·         Year 2 & Year 3
Week 2 – Term 4
·         Year 4 & Year 5
·         Camps
·         Sport
·         Musical
Week 4 – Term 4
·         Fun Days
·         Special Moments
·         Friends
Week 6 – Term 4
·         Signatures
·         Awards
·         Confirmation
·         Graduation * (Finished at home)
Monday 28th November (Week 9 – Term 4)
Sneakers - Just a gentle reminder that ALL students must wear predominantly white sneakers on sports days. The transition period ended last term. I encourage all of the students to model appropriate behaviour at all times and part of this includes wearing our school uniform correctly. 


Following on from last term, the students and have been working on formulating learning intentions during our Literacy and Numeracy lessons. 

These learning intentions help to clearly identify what is being learnt, how it applies to their life and additional learning, what a good example of this learning will look like and where will we go with this concept next.

After our class discussions at the beginning of each lesson, I ask the students to identify:
  • What am I learning today?
  • This is what a good example looks like. 
  • What is the next step.

This has prompted some fantastic discussion and an improvement in the work that the students are handing in. Articulating this with students helps them to be very clear on what they need to be doing in order to be learning successfully. I will be posting photos of these on the blog each week and may provide an interesting conversation point...hopefully it circumvents the "What did you learn today?" "Nothing" conversation!


As it is a short week this week, the students have an adjusted homework schedule accordingly.

Reading - 10-15 minutes per night. This is to be written in their diary and signed by yourself.
Spelling - Complete their LSCWC of all list words. Some students may need to finish off their weekly organisation on this tonight.
Mathletics - 10-15 minutes.
Year Books - these are an ongoing project to be worked on.

Have a fantastic week!

Mrs Delane 

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