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Term 2, Week 8

Hi Parents,
It seems like a while since my last blog post, but it’s good to be back!
Affirmation of the Week:

In week 5 of Term 3, some of the Year 6 students will be receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation.
As part of our preparation, ALL students will be researching a Saint or Blessed. For the students receiving the Sacrament, this will become their Confirmation name. I have asked all students to begin the conversation with their parents regarding choosing a Saint or Blessed to research. The Saint or Blessed that they choose, should be someone that inspires them on their own faith journey. All students have received a Task Sheet and Rubric for the Saint Presentation (One Note).
Another requirement is to choose a sponsor. The role of the sponsor is to help guide the candidate on their faith journey as well as (on the night) present him or her to the Bishop for the Anointing. Could you please have a discussion with your child regarding possible sponsors. It is encouraged tha…