End of Year Christmas Concert
- is on tomorrow night Tuesday beginning at 5.30pm. Year Six students should be arriving at school from 4:45pm - 5:00pm. Seats will be at a premium so factor that in to your plans!

End of Year Excursion - a note has been sent home this afternoon regarding Thursday. 

Colour Run - this will take place on Friday 13th December. This a free dress and we ask that you send in an extra white t-shirt for your child to change into. 

Reports - these will be sent home with your child on Friday. If your child is not at school on Friday it will be posted to you.

Prayer Assembly - there will be a farewell prayer assembly for the Year 6 students on Friday morning beginning at 9am. This will be presented by the Year 5 class. You are warmly invited to attend if you are able. Star Citizen and Merits will be presented during this time.

St Vincent De Paul Hampers - Each year at OLC we take time to be thankful for our blessings and to assist those local people in ne…

Graduation 2019

Hi Parents,

Below is some information for tomorrow night.

The Year 6 Graduation is on Friday 6th December, starting with Mass at the Church at 5:30pm, followed by dinner in the Hall at school beginning at approximately 7:00pm
Dinner will be served at 7:45pm and the dance off on the disco floor will conclude at approximately 11:00pm. Please make sure appropriate footwear is worn and good times are had by all.
Please refer to the following list of names. If your child appears on the left side of the list, you will need to find a pew on the left side of the church. If your child appears on the right side of the list, you will need to find a seat on the right side of the church. All Year Six families should be seated in the first half of the church. If your child's name appears at the top of the list, that doesn't mean you have to sit at the front of the church. 
Seating WILL NOT be reserved for graduating families, so it will be a 'first…

Things Are Changing

Hi Parents,

The following note will be sent home with your child tomorrow.

28th November, 2019
Dear Year Six Parents,
Re: Health and next Religious Education Unit to be explored in Year Six Term 4
The basic purpose for which God created the human body is so that human beings can express the love and the goodness within them. Sexuality is the distinctive ways males and females express love and goodness through their thoughts, feelings, bodies and relationships.
The next Religious Education unit begins by exploring the Catholic understanding of sexuality. It focuses in particular upon the special way husband and wives express their sexuality in the Sacrament of Marriage.
The unit introduces to the children ways in which Jesus always expresses love and goodness through his body. It then presents how he makes his followers ‘new creatures’ through Baptism so that they can do the same. The Rite of Baptism and symbols used during the Baptismal ceremony will also be explored.
Finally, the unit explo…

Christmas Concert Costumes

Hi Parents,

Below are the costume requirements from home.

Character Costume required from home
Narrators Neat /nice shoes to go with dresses
Mary Sandals if possible, otherwise neat, flat shoes (pumps)
Joseph Sandals if possible, otherwise neat shoes
Inn-Spectors White school shirt, black school shoes
Star White or very pale singlet top and shorts
Angel Gabriel White or very pale singlet top and shorts
Mrs Innkeeper

Term 4, Week 7

Hi Parents,
Week 7 is already upon us and before we know it, the Year Six class will have graduated from OLC.
Quote of the Week:

Fire Drill - Tuesday 26th November Just a reminder that there was an important email sent out last week outlining the plans for this afternoon. Please check in to make sure you are ready for this.
Students attending Mary MacKillop next year will be spending Thursday at the college. I know some kids are catching the bus with their older siblings or peers. This is a great opportunity for the kids to show a little independence and responsibility. If you’re planning on dropping your child off, it might be an idea to get in contact with some other parents to organise a group of them to catch the bus together. Best of luck to both students and parents!

GRADUATION MASS / AWARDS You would have already received a ‘save-the-date’ flyer for the upcoming Graduation Night and I’m sure the Year 5 parents will be sending out formal invitations soon.…

Year Six Performance Assembly

Hi Parents,
I have to apologise for any confusion regarding the Year Six Performance Assembly which WILL NOT be this coming Friday. Unfortunately, the date for the assembly has remained on the school calendar for the last few weeks even though the Year Six class will now be performing the Nativity Play as part of the Christmas Concert on the 10th December.
This year’s Nativity Play is titled ‘The Inn-Spectors’.
The inn-spectors are in Bethlehem and they are not pleased. A stable is no place for visitors and their newborn baby, and, it really is a health and safety nightmare! Can the inn-spectors be convinced that the stable really is fit for a King?’
The Nativity Play will be similar to the musical that they participated in last year in that it will be complete with costumes, lighting and sound. I am sure that you will all thoroughly enjoy watching the Year 6’s performing and I am sure that they will get an even bigger kick out of performing in front of you and a packed out hall. Ge…

Term 4, Week 5

Hi Parents,
I can’t believe it is already Week 5! It looks like we have some real summer weather this week, so it should be a cracker!
Quote of the Week:

CONFIRMATION HOME MASS The Confirmation Home Mass will start at 5:30pm tomorrow at the Gannaway’s property (835 Commonage Rd).
Please bring the following with you: ·Rugs / camping chairs etc ·Plate of food (boys – savoury, girls – sweet) ·BYO cool drinks / juice etc
A big thank you to Alice and Ken for offering to host. Much appreciated!
INTERSCHOOL CRICKET CARNIVAL Both the Year 5 and Year 6 students will be participating in a fun day of cricket this Friday at Bovell Oval, Busselton. Parents are more than welcome to come down.
The weather is looking like it will be a warm and sunny day so please ensure your child comes to school with sunscreen on and the correct uniform on including a school hat.
Just a reminder that your child will need to bring food and drink for the entire day as there are no canteen facilities.