Term 3, Week 1

Hi Parents and students,
Welcome back to Term Three! I hope you all had a fantastic holiday, whether you went abroad or stayed local. Hopefully the awesome winter weather we had during the holidays returns very soon because it is pretty miserable at the moment!!!
Quote of the Week:

A parent Information night has been scheduled for Week 2, Thursday 26th July at 5:00pm for all students and parents (at least 1 parent to be present) that are receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation. The Commitment Mass will be on the Saturday, 28th July at 6:00pm.
If you are not able to make either of the above dates, you will need to see Father Ian to make alternate arrangements.
Under this section you will find the literacy learning intentions for the week.
CAFÉ-R (Traits of good readers)
This term, as part of our reading group rotations, we will be undertaking a novel study. I have decided on 3 different novels to cater for the different learning needs of the children. Each week, the st…

Term 2, Week 8

Hi Parents,
It seems like a while since my last blog post, but it’s good to be back!
Affirmation of the Week:

In week 5 of Term 3, some of the Year 6 students will be receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation.
As part of our preparation, ALL students will be researching a Saint or Blessed. For the students receiving the Sacrament, this will become their Confirmation name. I have asked all students to begin the conversation with their parents regarding choosing a Saint or Blessed to research. The Saint or Blessed that they choose, should be someone that inspires them on their own faith journey. All students have received a Task Sheet and Rubric for the Saint Presentation (One Note).
Another requirement is to choose a sponsor. The role of the sponsor is to help guide the candidate on their faith journey as well as (on the night) present him or her to the Bishop for the Anointing. Could you please have a discussion with your child regarding possible sponsors. It is encouraged tha…


Hi everyone,

Just a few reminders for camp tomorrow:

1. Please arrive in the top car park for approximately 7:30am. This allows us ample time to pack the bus and for the children to have a last minute toilet run before an 8:00am departure.

2. Any children that haven't brought in their bag of lollies and packet of biscuits, please do so in the morning.

3. Looks like we will have pretty good weather for the week. Some possible rain/storm may come in  Thursday, so make sure your child has packed a raincoat etc.

4. Children are allowed to bring an iPad, iPhone or iPod to listen to music on the bus there and back. These will be collected for the duration of the camp.

A big thank you to Mrs Delane for all her help and to Mrs Nottle, Mrs Paterson and Mr Currie for volunteering their time. Should be a great week for all involved!

Safe travels!!!

Term, Week 3

Hi Parents and students,
Happy Mother’s Day to all the fantastic Mums! I hope you were spoilt on your special day and enjoyed the lovely weather that the weekend had to offer.
I am going to change the frequency of the blog to every fortnight. This will coincide with the new home learning grid fortnightly cycle. Any other important information that requires your attention will posted in separate blogs as they arise.
I will be attending a 3-day professional development course in Perth next week (Monday – Wednesday).
Affirmation of the Week:

I am happy to say that all volunteer positions for the camp have been filled. A big thank you to Carla Paterson, Jo Nottle and Bruce Currie for putting their hand up.
Camp has been booked and confirmed for Tuesday 29th May – Friday 1st June (WEEK 5) at Woodman Point Recreation Reserve.
A camp permission slip and medical form will be sent home for filling out and signing tomorrow. Please return these ASAP. Cheers!
Graduation Shirt:
Please send in $10 …

Graduation Shirt

Hi Parents,

The graduation shirt design has been completed and is ready for printing.

Could you please provide a green OLC shirt (CLEARLY MARKED WITH YOUR CHILD'S NAME) and $10 in payment (the sooner the better). If you require a new shirt, you can purchase one through the Uniform Shop.

A massive thank you to Mark Phillips from Hippocket Workwear for keeping the costs per shirt to a minimum. Great work!

Kind regards,

Mr Jones

Term 2, Week 1

Hi Parents and students,
Welcome back! I hope you all had a fantastic break. I managed to escape to Kalbarri, which was fantastic! The last time I was there was about 25 years ago and not a whole lot has changed, which was refreshing.
Super busy 9-week term.
Affirmation of the Week:

I am still on the hunt for 1 DAD VOLUNTEER for the Year 6 camp. Let me know if you are interested. There has been talk that we could possibly split the days if you can’t commit for the whole time.
Camp has been booked for Tuesday 29th May – Friday 1st June (WEEK 5) at Woodman Point Recreation Reserve.
In the coming weeks, a camp permission slip and medical form will be sent home for filling out and signing. Please return these ASAP. Cheers!
Graduation Shirt:
We are in the process of finalising the graduation shirt and getting the design sent off to Hip Pocket Work Wear. The students will be required to supply a green OLC sports shirt to have the design printed on. Alternatively, a new OLC shirt can purchase…


Hi parents,

Just letting you know that the Year 6's will be planting some seedlings in the school vegetable garden tomorrow. This will take place after lunch and won't interrupt any of the usual Friday learning.

Could you please remind your child to bring an old t-shirt and any gardening gloves (if they didn't want to get their hands dirty) in their school bag.

More than happy for any of you to join in if you had the afternoon free.


Mr. Jones