Term 2, Week 3

Hi Parents,
I am hoping that all the Mothers out there were spoilt and made to feel very special by their loved ones.
Quote of the Week:

BOOK FAIR The Book Fair will take place in the library on Tuesday 21st May and Wednesday 22nd May from 8am – 9am and 3:30pm-4:40pm.

STAFF PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT DAY Just a reminder that there is a PUPIL FREE DAY on Friday 24th May as the staff of OLC will be participating in a BRIGHTPATHS PD.

HOME LEARNING / DIARIES A new fortnight of home learning has begun. Please take the time to sit down with your child and discuss their planning for the next two weeks.
The following should be included in the diary:
Everyday: ·Reading ·LSCWC (x4 per list of words) ·Times Tables ·Physical Activity
Students Choose When: ·Mental Maths (Unit 11 and 12) ·Spelling (Definitions and 1 spelling activity – per list)
Home Life: ·Walk the dog ·Set the table ·Help with the dishes
Please ensure that your child is ticking their diary once an activity has been completed.
Literacy: Under this secti…

Term 2, Week 1

Hi Parents,
Welcome back to Term Two. I hope you had a fantastic break and enjoyed that magical run of weather we had in the second week.
Quote of the Week:

ANZAC DAY SERVICE The Year Six class will be running the Anzac Day Service on Thursday this week. The service begins at 9:00am and you are more than welcome to join us in the hall.
GRADUATION SHIRT The graduation shirts were delivered to Hip Pocket over the holidays for printing to begin. We should have them ready for the children to wear over the next couple of weeks.
HOME LEARNING / DIARIES A new fortnight of home learning has begun. Please take the time to sit down with your child and discuss their planning for the next two weeks.
Literacy: Under this section you will find the literacy learning intentions for the week.
CAFÉ-R (Traits of good readers) We will be focusing on the comprehension strategy of scanning this week. Scanning is when readers look only for a specific fact or piece of information. It is a useful strategy because it allo…

Happy Holidays!!!

Hi Parents,

What a winter-like start to the holidays. Hopefully the weather gods bring some great days for the break ahead.

Term One Numeracy Assessment

As discussed in many of the parent/teacher interviews, the Term One Numeracy Assessment can now be accessed on One Note via the Content Library. Your child will be able to look through the assessment and practise the concepts that require a deeper understanding. All activities can be accessed on Mathletics as well. The students should be able to navigate their way around the website.

Please note that this is not compulsory and any work completed should be done under your supervision.

Claymation Project

I am hoping that by the end of the holidays each of the allocated groups will have created their three-Dimensional landscape (diorama) using available resources and written their short story. When we arrive back at school for Term Two, we will use class time to create the STOP MOTION Picture using the App - Stop Motion Studio. 

The Anzac Sp…

Good Friday Assembly / Graduation Shirt

Hi Parents,


Just to let you know that some students told me today that they didn't have a costume for tomorrow. I have found some costumes in the shed for them. All they need is some material or rope to go around their waist and the costume will be complete.

All students should arrive at school with their costumes on (over their sports uniform or free dress for the winning faction). Any student that is borrowing a costume will be bringing it home this afternoon.

The two soldiers will need to wear black shorts and a black t shirt to school and have their sports uniform in a bag.


A couple of students are still waiting on shirts to arrive at the uniform shop. I can tell you that they should arrive on Tuesday of next week. There is no need for you to come to school as I will pick them up myself and drop them off to Hip Pocket that day. 

Hopefully we will have the shirts ready to wear in the first week of Term One.

Thanks and have a great break with…

Updated Parent Interviews

Hi parents,

I am sorry, but I have had to cancel my meetings for today and tomorrow due to being sick. I have rescheduled the meetings for Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. If the time I have allocated doesn't suit, can you let me know and we'll reschedule a meeting for next term.

Once again, I am sorry for the inconvenience that this may cause.

Kind regards,

Mr Jones

Graduation Shirt

Hi parents!

Hip Pocket will soon be ready for me to drop off the students' shirts for printing. I won't be able to make the drop off until all shirts are in and payment has been made.

Please send in a green OLC shirt (CLEARLY LABELLED) with $10 cash. 

If you you would like to pay by card, you can do so through the front office.


Mr Jones

Term 1, Week 9

Hi Parents,
What a fantastic weekend of Autumn weather! I hope you managed to get out and about to enjoy this spectacular place in which we live.
Quote of the Week:

HARMONY DAY A massive thanks to everyone who contributed to the shared morning tea. There was so much food to choose from and the kids (and myself) enjoyed everything that was on offer.
PARENT INTERVIEWS Thank you to all the parents who have written their name in a suitable time slot. A reminder that the interviews are being held in Week 10.
GRADUATION SHIRT The graduation shirt design has been sent to Hip Pocket. They will get back to me with the price but last year it was around $10 per child. Once I have a price, I will get the children to bring in their green OLC sports shirt (clearly labelled) and the cash to pay. I will then drop them off to Hip Pocket.
COMMEMORATION SITES The students will begin to create their ‘ANZAC SPIRIT COMMEMORATION SITES’ this week. Over the term, we have focussed on the Gallipoli Campaign. We have in…