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Week 9...The Last Post

Good afternoon,

Wow...what a few weeks it has been! The end of the year has finally come and we are enjoying our last week together before we break for Christmas.

Just a few notes...

Thank You - I can't express how incredibly grateful I am for your generous gift! I was blown away and was a sobbing mess by time I had finished the card! Thank you so very much!!!!!!!!

Graduation - thank you also to all your support on Friday night. We shared a beautiful mass and then went on to enjoy an amazing Mexican Fiesta! The students are writing letters of thanks to all the Year 5 parents that were involved in making such a memorable event. I will send an email to all Year 5 parents on behalf of the Year 6 parent group expressing our thanks for such a wonderful night.

OLC Awards Presentation Night - this is on tonight beginning at 5.30pm. We ask that students come dressed in 'Christmasy' themed clothes for tonight. All students need to be lined up outside of the Hall ready by 5.25pm. Please …