Camp Packing List 2016

Essential Items for Camp 2016
What you will need:
(Please remember to keep it simple and make sure that all items are labelled)

·         Packed Recess and Lunch – Monday 16th May.
(Don’t bring a lunchbox – wrap your lunch in disposable wrap that we can dispose of once you have finished eating.)

·         Water Bottle – please label

·         Small Back Pack - for travelling to and from camp

·         Fitted Sheet & Sleeping Bag

·         Pillow with a Pillow Case

·         Casual Clothes - the weather will be cool at night. (There will be a fair bit of mud and dust involved in our activities, so please make sure that your child does not bring their best clothes)
T-Shirts – short and long sleeve
Track Pants
Jumper x 2 at least

·         Rain jacket

·         Underwear

·         Socks – several pairs

·         Ugg Boots/Gloves/Beanies – the weather will be cold!

·         Pyjamas

·         Stuffed Animal/Bed Time Friend

·         Hat

·         Helmet

·         Bathers/Rashie

·         Sneakers – 2 pairs (1 old pair that can get muddy)

·         Thongs

·         Towels – Bathing and Wet Activity

·         Tea  Towels x 2 (Students will be responsible for washing up after meals and we need to provide our own. Please make sure that these are clearly labelled or else they will be donated to the camp site)

·         Personal Toiletries – (toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, soap/body wash, shampoo/conditioner, flannel/body puff, deodorant etc.) Please put these in a small toiletries bag that you child can pick up easily.

·         Sunscreen/Insect repellent

·         Garbage Bags x 2 – it is helpful if the students bring these to put their dirty clothes in. Another for wet clothes, shoes and towels is also helpful.

·         Torch – fresh batteries inserted before leaving please

·         Reading Book

·         Small pencil case - with a small number of pencils to complete their Diary activity each night.

·         iPods – these can be brought on the bus for the way there and back and can be used for any music required for the children’s Red Faces skit. They will be collected upon arrival and returned as we leave. Please make sure that all items – including cords are clearly labelled.

·         Medication – Please make sure that the Permission Form has been completed and signed. All medication must be given to me in a zip-loc bag that is clearly labelled.

I will have a camera with me at all times and I will be taking plenty of photos. The students will have access to these photos once we return to school so cameras are not required

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