Week 3 Update

Good morning parents,

I hope that you weren't blown away over the weekend, I was lucky enough to get completely saturated twice on Saturday!

Just a few reminders for this very special and important week.

Parent Letters - these are due today. Please make sure they are clearly labelled with your child's name. If you have not already given it to me, can you please make sure that it is handed in tomorrow morning at the absolute latest.

Confirmation Retreat - please make sure that your name is down next a plate. All food can be taken to the canteen on Wednesday morning. There are still a few empty spaces left...if you can't make it into class please email Alisa or myself and we can make a note for you.

This a free dress day - please make sure your child is warm and comfortable.

Confirmation Ceremony Rehearsals - these will be on Wednesday afternoon at 1.30pm, we will be attending Reconciliation on Thursday morning at 10.30am and then another rehearsal on Friday afternoon at 1.30pm.

Please make sure that your child is dressed in their Sunday best and at the Church by 5.45pm at the latest.

All prayer buddies are expected to be there to support their classmates.

The Little Mermaid Rehearsals - there are rehearsals beginning at 8.15am on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I have posted the schedule on Edmodo for your child to check.

See the request below from Sherrylee Tutt in regards to items needed for the musical as soon as possible.

Urgently required:
  • Large exercise ball so a puffer fish paper mache costume can be made.
  • Donations wanted please of any wire coat hangers or skirt hangers (the ones with the clips).

If people can please email me on safekete67@hotmail.com I can arrange pick up etc.


We have been spending a lot of time working on our Procedure writing for the beginning of the term focusing on the Rite of Confirmation which the students have found very helpful.

We have also been looking at ways that each Gift given during Confirmation can be strengthened within our own lives as well as continuing to consolidate our understanding of what each gift means.

I have marked and put up for display the Saints projects that the students worked on. I will be sending home their rubric with them tomorrow.

In Maths last week  we were looking at equivalent fractions and today we started looking at adding and subtracting fractions with like and unlike denominators and will continue with this concept over the next two weeks.


All spelling, maths and diaries (with parents signatures) are to be handed in on Thursday afternoon to be checked. 

The students suggested and have agreed to the following consequences for not completing the assigned tasks - missing sport until all required parts are completed and not being able to listen to music for a period of 3 weeks (during which time all homework must be completed in full).

Any maths concepts that have been difficult will be covered in a session on Friday to make sure that the students have the help they need.

I have once again issued students with a bonus challenge to create a homework schedule that outlines their busy times and helps them to plan and organise their time to be able to relax and have time with their families as well as play sport and complete assigned tasks.

Reading - 10-15 minutes written in their diary and signed.

Spelling - LCWC for all list words. Please make sure their work is being done neatly.

Mental Maths - Unit 20 of Think Mentals Book 6 - Pages 61-63 including the Think Box activity.

Friendology - Sole Activity - Due Week 4 11th August with a shared morning tea.

Year Books - I went through this with the students yesterday and they were given a copy of the outline. This is due Week 6 of Term 4 and will be worked on in class and at home.

Homework Schedule - This is a bonus challenge (not mandatory but would be very helpful) due in on Friday!

Have a fantastic week and stay warm!

Mrs Delane 

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