Mission Markets

Hi Parents,

Next week is the annual Mission Markets . The Year 6 class will be running a stall called 'Hookey Ring Toss'. Below is a list of prizes that we will need to run the stall successfully. I have broken it down into factions for the different items required.

Meelup: Bag of Freddo Frogs

Leeuwin: Bag of fun size chocolate bars (e.g. Mars Bars, Picnics, Cherry Ripes, Smarties)

Geographe: Bag of fun size Skittles

Naturaliste: Bag of fun size Mentos or something similar.

I will also be getting mutiple sheets of stickers from Busselton over the weekend for other prizes. If you could send them into class by Monday or Tuesday of next week, that would be great.

Thank you for your support!

Mr Jones

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