Term 2, Week 1

Hi Parents and students,

Welcome back! I hope you all had a fantastic break. I managed to escape to Kalbarri, which was fantastic! The last time I was there was about 25 years ago and not a whole lot has changed, which was refreshing.

Super busy 9-week term.

Affirmation of the Week:


I am still on the hunt for 1 DAD VOLUNTEER for the Year 6 camp. Let me know if you are interested. There has been talk that we could possibly split the days if you can’t commit for the whole time.

Camp has been booked for Tuesday 29th May – Friday 1st June (WEEK 5) at Woodman Point Recreation Reserve.

In the coming weeks, a camp permission slip and medical form will be sent home for filling out and signing. Please return these ASAP. Cheers!

Graduation Shirt:

We are in the process of finalising the graduation shirt and getting the design sent off to Hip Pocket Work Wear. The students will be required to supply a green OLC sports shirt to have the design printed on. Alternatively, a new OLC shirt can purchased through the uniform shop.

All shirts are to be clearly marked with your child’s name.

Once a price has been established, I will let you know and start collecting payments and shirts.

Congratulations to Ella Lenihan who created the successful design.

Under this section you will find the literacy learning intentions for the week.

CAFÉ-R (Traits of good readers)
The comprehension strategy we will be focusing on this week is scanning. Scanning is when readers look only for a specific fact or piece of information. It is a useful strategy because it allows us to find details and other information in a hurry.

Voices (Traits of good writers)
We will begin to explore the purpose and structure of an information report this week.

Under this section you will find the Numeracy learning intentions for the week.
This week, we are reviewing the term one concepts for the test this Friday.

Home Learning Grid:

A bit of a change to the way the home learning grid is completed this term. Each child will still receive a home learning grid to glue into their home learning exercise book. However, your signature will now be required after each week in their SCHOOL DIARY (not the home learning grid).  

We will map out our 2 weeks of home learning at the beginning of each fortnight, so please consult your child’s diary on a regular basis to ensure the diary is being used correctly and if you need to make any amendments due to unforeseen commitments.

Any work that has not been completed during the day at school (that I deem to have given sufficient time to complete) will be required to be completed that night ready for the next day. Your Signature will be required when this occurs.

You will still be able to access the grid via One Note.

Feel free to contact me if you need any clarification. I will explain this to the students tomorrow.

Enjoy the week!

Mr Jones

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