Week 5 Update

Good afternoon parents,

Welcome back to Week 5…we had an amazing time on camp at Woodman Point and I hope that you have had a chance to hear all about it!!!

It was a fantastic opportunity to get to know the students in a different way and I was incredibly impressed and proud watching them conquer their fears to attempt some really tricky challenges. They were incredibly supportive and encouraging towards each other and the adults on camp and it was wonderful to be a part of!

I would once again like to thank Alicia Higgins, Katinka Boyes, Simon Howard and Nathan Omodei for giving up their week to join us. Their sense of humour and willingness to give everything a go was greatly appreciated!! We had an awesome week and I really enjoyed it, thank you for having them so well prepared!


Scholastic Book Fair – this begins tomorrow before and after school. This is an excellent opportunity for the students to purchase some new books and help the school as well so please come along and support it. If students bring more than $10 they will need to have a note from their parents letting Mrs Meyer know.

Reconciliation – this is on this Wednesday night (24/5) at 6pm. I would encourage as many of our senior students to come along and support the Year 3 students. The choir is in need of some volume.

Those students in Leadership positions are strongly encouraged to attend.

Reading - 10-15 minutes written in their diary and signed.

Spelling - Create iCard sort for list words for this week and LCWC for all list words. Please make sure their work is being done neatly.

Mental Maths - Unit 13 of Think Mentals Book 6 - Pages 40-41.

Art - Photography Assignment. This is due on Monday 29th May. Students have received an assessment outline explaining what needs to be completed.

BTN - Written Report (from Episode 12) due Wednesday 31st May.

Have a great week!

Mrs Delane 

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