A snapshot so far!

This term has been such a busy one with so much learning happening!

Here is a little of what we have been up to in our Literacy time.

Spelling - This term we have been looking at our individual Phonic Concept focus. We are looking at the way that the word looks through our Word Pyramids, We are learning about what the word means through understanding its definition. We are being creative with the words that can appear within our list word and we are also looking at Synonyms and Antonyms for our list words. 

For our Homework, our focus has been on the following:

  • What the word sounds like?
  • What the word looks like?
  • How the word changes by adding prefixes and suffixes after identifying the base word.
  • The origins of our list words. 

Writing - This term we have been looking at the Persuasive Writing genre. The students had a fantastic time writing a persuasive piece on the topic "Graffiti - Vandalism or Art?" These are on display in class and the students have put forward some excellent reasons to support their position. We are implementing a new editing and self-evaluation framework to assist with making sure that we are covering all of the structural and language features of the particular type of text.

The students have begun creating their second Persuasive piece on a topic of their choice. I am looking forward to read more of this excellent work!

Religion - This term our focus has been on Confirmation and understanding how we can be strengthened by the Holy Spirit to live as Jesus would like. 

We were very lucky to have Fr Tony come and visit us last week to discuss this important Sacrament. He shared some lovely insights with the students and it was a lovely way to get to know Fr Tony who will be officiating on Saturday night.

BTN - We have been looking at Behind the News each week to assist us with our Viewing. This is a great way for the students to understand the current events of the world as it is presented in a student friendly way. We have also been using it to enhance our reading comprehension by applying the 8 strategies of Reading Comprehension to a transcript of an Episode each week.

Geography - We have been looking at how Australia is a diverse and connected world. We have been learning about the places that Australians like to visit and where our visitors come from. We have begun a Research Project in class looking at the areas that Australia gives aid to and what that aid is used for.

Students will be giving an oral presentation on their findings on Friday 3rd September. Stay tuned for more information!

It has been a fantastic start to the term in regards to our Literacy, Religion and Geography. I am very proud of the work that the students have been doing.

I will post more later this week about what we have been up to in our Maths.

Please feel free to come in and check out all our amazing work!

Mrs Delane

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