Week 5 Blog Post - Halfway Point

Good morning and welcome to Week 5,

The time is flying past and the students are still working hard!

Last week we had Ms Emma King and Ms Katrina Grylls come and speak with us about some of the things that the students can expect about high school. The students were very respectful and listened carefully and also got some great tips from previous students Lily Omodei and Jack Dollisson!

The feedback that I received from Ms King was that she was very impressed with the students of OLC and they were very well behaved and respectful. Ms Grylls the Year 7 
Co-ordinator for 2017 is looking forward to getting to know the students better.

Some of the best tips included - 

  • Be organised with your belongings and homework. 
  • Make a schedule for completing all homework and stick to it - be honest if you have had any problems completing the assigned work.
  • Ask for help if you are having a problem or are not sure what to do.
  • Get used to wearing a watch - there are no bells to tell you when to move to each class.
  • Be open to making new friends and trying new things.


Peace Posters - these are due tomorrow. The school will vote on Thursday morning to decide which submission they feel best reflects the theme of 'A Celebration of Peace'. I will notify the winner's parents as soon as possible so that you can be there to see your child announced!

Mini Vinnie's - the first group went last week with Mrs Derickx and did an excellent job of cleaning up the church. She was very impressed! 

The next group will go on Thursday November 17th as Mrs Derickx is unavailable Friday 11th and we have the Cricket Carnival on the 18th November.

Permission Slips - please make sure that you have signed and returned the permission slips that were sent home last week for the Milo T20 Cricket Carnival and Mini Vinnie's.

Click View Account Set Up - can you please check in with your child to make sure that they have activated their account. They received an email last week with instructions to do so. This is a fantastic resource that I will be utilising in the coming weeks, it has many great videos that help to explain and review many concepts. 

I have put one video on Edmodo already for the students to watch which reviews operations with decimals. I have asked students to make sure that they have watched this by Wednesday.


Last week we were looking at the structure and language features of an informative text and we began creating our own using a fact file on Halloween. We are looking forward to getting these completed this week. We will then use these as a learning tool for us to review and help us to improve our schools so that the next piece we write will be even better!

We also spent some time working with a partner or individually to draft an informative paragraph about birthday parties. Students had to make sure that they were following the structure to create a paragraph using 5 sentences.

In our History lessons we have been looking at Australian Migration. We have been talking about the many different reasons that people came to Australia as well as the ways in which they entered the country. 

We have been watching a fantastic Tony Robinson documentary using our Click View subscription called Exploring Australia. This has been fascinating to see how Australia has been built up and influenced by many different cultures.

In the coming weeks, students will be drafting their own informative piece discussing migration to Australia.

During our Maths lessons we have been looking at interpreting and creating timetables, multiplying decimals (great review video on Edmodo) as well as decimal number patterns estimating and measuring angles. We have been really busy!


Please see the homework below that has been assigned for this week:

Reading - read for 10-15 minutes and then write it in your diary and bring it to a parent to be signed. Next year, the students will be expected to use their Planner (diary) very heavily so if you can encourage your child to keep up with this.
Spelling - Complete a LCWC of all list words.
Maths - Complete New Wave Mental pages 2-3 Tuesday - Thursday. This will be marked each day.
Mathletics - Spend 10-15 minutes working through review, consolidation and extension tasks.
Year Book - Continue working on assigned pages.

Have a fantastic week and I look forward to seeing you all at the Simmo's Family Party on Friday night...I have been asked to MC...very nervous!

Mrs Delane

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