Design Technology - Create a Recycled Game

Design Technologies - Create a Recycled Game Activity 

As part of the Design Technology curriculum this term, the students will begin planning a game that can be played with students in Years 1-3 during their sports lessons using only recycled materials.

Students will need to bring in materials from home that they will use to create their game. The students will have time to plan their game with their group this afternoon, in which they will identify the purpose of the game, the rules to how it will be played and what materials and tools will be required.

On Thursday 16th November, the students will play their games during the sport times for the Year 1-3 students to see how effectively their game will work.

They will then need to create a presentation sharing their evaluation of their game to be presented the following week. Time for this will be given in class.

If you can please assist your child with the sourcing of any free materials (raid the recycling bin or dad's shed - with his permission of course) that would be great! I will also ask them to consider things like masking tape etc.

As this is an assessment piece, I ask that the children are not assisted with any sort of construction at home.

I can't wait to see what the students come up with and I will keep you posted!

Have a great day,

Mrs Delane 

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