Week 3 - Term 4

Good afternoon parents,

Welcome to Week 3, I hope you all enjoyed the amazing weather that was put on for us over the weekend!!


Confirmation Home Mass - This is on next Monday 30th October and is being hosted by the Tutt family. We will begin promptly at 6pm, we ask that you arrive by 5.45pm to smooth the logistics of food and drinks etc. I am sure that Sherylee will appreciate food being pre-warmed if possible and any extra hands!

Guitar - A reminder that your child needs to bring their guitar each week to their lesson with Mr Torrese on Thursday afternoon's. Their lesson runs from 2-3pm and it is very important that all students have their guitars. 

Peace Posters - These are due in on Monday 30th October. I am so impressed with the work of many of the students in their interpretation of 'The Future of Peace'. This week the students will write a quote to go with their piece.

These will be displayed in the Hall from Tuesday 1st November if you would like to come in and have a look.

Students in Year's 3-6 will have the opportunity to vote on which piece they feel best reflects this year's theme. The parents of the winning submission will be contacted to attend assembly on the Friday. There is a form that will need to be signed giving permission for the Lions Club to put forth that piece.


In our Literacy lessons we have begun looking more closely at definitions and examples of figurative language and how they are used in poetry to help the poet engage the reader and stir an emotional response. The students also did a timed writing piece writing a narrative, this helps to review and refresh a student's understanding of the elements of a good narrative and what is needed to interest and engage the reader. I am looking forward to reading these!

In Reading Comprehension, we have been working with Reading Eggspress. This is an online library that the students can access. The students have been reading a variety of fiction and non fiction texts and they have been using their reading comprehension skills to answer given questions at the end of each chapter.

Students are welcome to use this resource at home as well.

In our Maths lessons we have finished looking at Financial Mathematics. We have been working with a variety of discounts on a given price and the students are becoming more confident in working out the given discount and then applying it to the old price to give the new price of an item.

Students are also able to access Mathletics at home as part of their homework schedule. The activities that are set on here are useful to help review, consolidate or extend their understanding around a particular topic.

The great thing about this topic is that it is so relevant to their daily lives...we discussed the importance of looking for those 50% stickers and how sometimes you can spend to save!

During our History lesson last week, we watched a fantastic video which outlines the events in Australia's history leading up to the Eureka Stockade. This week the students will begin drafting a letter to a friend or family member back home sharing their experiences as a character in this period in Australia's Gold Rush history.

In our Health lesson last week, we finished off discussing some of the physical changes that will occur during puberty. We looked at the signposts of puberty and this was a great way for the students to understand some of the changes they can expect and in what order 'roughly' they may occur.

We had some great questions come in through the question jar and I was really proud of the mature and intelligent questions they were asking! I didn't lose anyone this week!!!

Next week we will begin looking at the Female Reproductive System.

In our Religion lessons this week we will be looking at the special characteristics of marriage (long term relationship). What makes this relationship so special? The students will be creating a series of survey questions which will come home and ask you about what you feel makes a marriage (long term relationship) special. 

Whilst the physical aspect of marriage is important, I will ask the students to focus on the emotional aspects of being married (long term relationship). This activity is an important one for students to understand that being in a relationship requires a lot of work, compromise and a willingness to put the needs of someone else before your own.

I am very mindful that there is a wide range of relationships within our community and I will be very sensitive to the intricacies of these - this is an activity that is aimed at being affirming and inclusive.


Please see below the homework that has been assigned for this week. All homework is due in by Friday of each week. Alternatively, your child can bring me their homework to be check each day.

Mental Maths is marked every morning.

  • Reading - 10-15 minutes written in their diary and signed.
  • Spelling - LCWC for all list words. Please make sure their work is being done neatly.
  • Mental Maths - Unit 29 of Think Mentals Book 6 - Pages 89-91 including the Think Box activity.
  • Year Books -  This is due Week 6 of Term 4 and will be worked on in class on Friday afternoons.
  • Peace Posters - These are being worked on in class but can also be taken home if your child would like. These are due Monday 30th October 
  • BTN - There will be a written report given this week. This will be due on Wednesday 1st November.
  • Religion - Characteristics of Marriage questions. These will come home on Tuesday 24th October. If you can please take a few moments to help your child have these completed by Thursday 26th October. 

Please follow up with your child and make sure they bring you their diary to be checked and signed.

I hope you have a fantastic week!

Mrs Delane 

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