Week 5 - Term 4 Update

Good afternoon,

Welcome to a beautiful Week 5...it is staring to feel a lot more summery with this warmer weather...hats at school are a must!


Lions Peace Poster Winner - Congratulations to Cooper Smith on being chosen as this year's winner. It was a very close competition and I have to say that this year's entries were of the highest standard I have seen. Well done to Cooper and all of the students who completed their entries!

Thank you to Ms Kaye McCormick and the Lions Club of Dunsborough for their support and generous donation!

Stationery Items - A large number of students are down to the last of their glue, red and blue pens...I know that it is nearing the end of term and it can feel like a waste to top up supplies but it is difficult for the students to complete given tasks in a timely fashion when they are waiting to borrow items from others. It is also unfair on those students who are constantly lending their belongings.

If I can ask that you take a moment to check in with your child if they need anything, I would be most appreciative!

Book Week Dress Up Day - Is on this Thursday 9th November. All students are encouraged to dress as a character from a book - it can be a favourite or a new one! We will be having a parade on Thursday morning from 9am.

Graduation Notes - If you can please send these in as soon as you can that would be very helpful for catering numbers.

Mini Vinnies - A big thank you to our first group of volunteers who merrily went off on Friday morning to help clean the church. Mrs Derickx was very impressed with their willingness to get in and help! The next group of students will head off this coming Friday.


In our literacy lessons, we have continued looking at the elements of poetry and we also began looking at some forms of poetry. 

The students had a chance to experiment with creating a Shape Poem today in which they had to describe a particular object and then write it in the shape of that object...we have some budding poets!

Through this week we will also begin writing a limerick which promises to be a lot of fun!

In maths, we finished last week looking at geometric and number patterns and the students had the opportunity to use some manipulatives to create the patterns they were trying to find the rule for...a lot of fun was had!


Please see below the homework that has been assigned for this week. All homework is due in by Friday of each week. Alternatively, your child can bring me their homework to be check each day.

Mental Maths is marked every morning.

  • Reading - 10-15 minutes written in their diary and signed.
  • Spelling - LCWC for all list words. Please make sure their work is being done neatly.
  • Mental Maths - Unit 31 of Think Mentals Book 6 - Pages 94-95 including the Think Box activity.
  • Year Books -  This is due Week 6 of Term 4 and will be worked on in class on Friday afternoons.
  • BTN - There will be a written report given this week. This will be due on Wednesday 8th November.
Please follow up with your child and make sure they bring you their diary to be checked and signed.

Have a great week,

Mrs Delane

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