Week 8 - Term 4 Update

Good afternoon,

Welcome to Graduation Week!

We are looking forward to celebrating on Friday night, please see below for a few reminders for the week.


Graduation - Please be aware that Mass will be starting promptly at 5.30pm. If I can ask that all students have arrived at the church by 5.15pm in smart casual dress - reflective of the importance of the occasion.

At the conclusion of Mass, we ask that you make your way to the Hall as soon as possible ready to enter by 7.15pm.

Make sure that you have your dancing shoes on and you are ready to dance once the formalities have concluded!

We will be heading down to the church tomorrow afternoon (1.45-2.45pm) and Friday mid morning (11.45 - 12.45) for a rehearsal. Students are asked to wear their sports uniform tomorrow for comfort.

End of Year Excursion - Please make sure that your child has returned their permission slip and $30 by Wednesday 29th November. I need to get the food order off to Xscape and they must have this by Wednesday afternoon.

If there is any problem with this can you please let me know as soon as possible.

St Vinnie's Christmas Hamper Appeal - If you can make a donation to this very worthwhile cause. The students in Year's 4-6 are being asked to donate personal toiletries - shampoo, conditioner, hairbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant etc.

Food Waste - Last Friday Mrs Meyer brought to the attention of all staff the HUGE amount of food that had been thrown out by students after lunch. 

Some of the food had not even been unwrapped! If I can ask that you take a moment to discuss with your child the importance of eating the food they are given.

Understandably, that if they are not feeling hungry at break time they are to put any leftover food back into their lunch box for afternoon tea. 

Boardies Day - Is on this Friday - your child is to wear their OLC shirt with their favourite pair of boardies. All students are asked to bring in a gold coin donation with all funds being raised given to Smiths Beach Surf Lifesaving Club.


We have continued experimenting with different poetry types and this week the students have been asked to plan, draft and publish a ballad on a topic of their choice. A ballad must be 4 lines per verse and needs to follow an abcb rhyming pattern. It's purpose is to entertain with a story.

In Maths we have been looking at the Cartesian Coordinate System - I told the students how back in the day you used to have a really thick, heavy book in the car that would help you to work out where to go...none of this Google Maps style. I am not sure if they really believed me so if any of you have a copy at home, perhaps you can show them!

In our History lessons, we have been looking at the immigration to Australia and what were some of the determining factors. We have been learning at the Ten Pound Pom Scheme as well as discussing the idea of Australia having to populate or perish. We watched a fantastic documentary by Tony Robinson which shared information about the bride ships, the White Australia Policy and the unfairness of the dictation tests given to immigrants upon their arrival in Australia. It has provided a lot of very interesting discussion!

There is no set homework for this week other than students having their slide ready to give to me by tomorrow morning and some reading.

I am also still waiting on a few year books to come in still if you can please follow up with your child to get this in.

Have a fantastic week and I look forward to seeing you all on Friday night!

Mrs Delane 

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