Term 1, Week 4

Hi Parents and students,

Week 4 already! I hope you had a great weekend…
We have an extra busy week this week with two days spent at the pool and the school’s opening mass taking place on Friday. Could possibly be some tired kids this week?

Affirmation of the Week:

Class Reps:
Thank you to all of you that made it to the Parent Information Night and those of you that sent in your apologies. A big applause can still be heard for Emma Buxcey, Mandy Bate and Richard Clark for volunteering to be the class reps for 2018. All round nice guy, Adrian Torrese was quoted as saying, “More than happy to lend a helping hand when required.”

Opening Mass:
The opening mass will begin at 9:00am at the church. The badges for the leadership team and the sports captains will be blessed and presented to the students. We hope to see as many of you there as possible.

Swimming Time Trials:
The swimming time trials for year’s 4, 5 and 6 will take place on Tuesday in Busselton. Feel free to come and support all the students. Trials should begin at approximately 10:00am.

Swimming Carnival:
The swimming carnival for year’s 4, 5 and 6 will take place on Thursday in Busselton. The children will get a real kick out of seeing as many of the parents there as possible! Kick? Pardon the pun! Dad joke!

Under this section you will find the literacy learning intentions for the week.
CAFÉ-R (Traits of good readers)
We have been busy learning about how to undertake the different roles required during a ‘literature circle’. One of these roles is the ‘literary luminary’ and this is where the students are able to discuss a variety of the devices that authors use, such as, similes, metaphors, personification and alliteration etc. Hopefully by the end of the week, all activities, including the remaining roles of the literature circle and the other activities involved with our reading groups will have been modelled and practised, ensuring the reading groups run as efficiently as possible.

Voices (Traits of good writers)
Last week, we planned a Narrative on a topic of our choice. We have written our orientations, based on one of the 5 orientation lead ins; snapshot, action, sound effect, talking and question leads. We are currently working on the mighty middle (problem and events).
All students have received a rubric, which is aligned to the ‘VOICES’ framework and this will act as a checklist to ensure we are including all the elements of a great narrative. A copy of this rubric can be found via our Literacy OneNote folder.

Under this section you will find the Numeracy learning intentions for the week.
This week, we will be exploring analogue and digital time, 24-hour time and timetables.

Home Learning Grid:
Please ensure your child is organised and staying on top of their Home learning Grid through regular discussions and checks. Please feel free to contact me if you require any clarification regarding the grid.

In regards to spelling, the children will receive approximately 20 – 25 words (relating to their weekly focus) per week. For the Monday and Wednesday LSCWC’s, they will need to choose half of their list words to practise. The rest of the words will be practised on Tuesday and Thursday. For the 1 activity they need to complete per week, only half of their spelling words (their choice) will be required to finish.
I hope this makes sense.

Enjoy the week,
Mr Jones

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