iMovie Presentation Night - Thursday 26th November

11th November 2015

Dear Parents,
 RE: iMovie Presentation Night

On Thursday 26th November, we would like to invite you to a special viewing of the students “Message to my Future Self” iMovie projects. These are due in on Monday 23d November.

This has been a joint project the students have been working on in Library and in class.

We will begin with our first session of viewing at 5pm. We will then break for a shared dinner. We will view some more of the iMovie’s before breaking for dessert and then the viewing of the final presentations.

We ask that you bring a platter of food to be shared. There is strictly no alcohol to be brought to this event.

Bernie Morrison and Alie Smith will be coordinating the food, so if you can please let either of them know what you are able to bring I would be most appreciative.

If your child does not complete the assigned project, they unfortunately will not be able to attend the Presentation Night. Mrs Meyer or I will be in touch with you to discuss this with you prior to the event.

Could you please complete the permission slip below and please return it to me by the Friday 20th November 2015.

Kind regards,

Amie Meyer and Caitlin Delane



iMovie Presentation Night

Thursday 26th November  2015

Student’s Name:                                                                           

Number of adults accompanying the student:                   

I am able to bring to share:                                                                                                       


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