Week 2 Update

Good afternoon and welcome to our blog for this week!

The students have started the week brilliantly and I am so pleased with the attitude and effort that they are displaying. They are shaping up to be an excellent leadership group!


Parent Information Evening - this is on tomorrow night 7th February beginning at 5.30pm and running for approximately 1 hour. Please let me know via email if you are unable to make it.

Swimming Lessons - these begin on Friday. Students are to wear sports uniform for the duration of swimming lessons. 

Thongs may be worn to and from the pool but students must come in their sneakers to school.

Guitar Lessons - these will be held on Thursday afternoons 2 - 3pm. Your child will need to bring their guitar with them to school on that day and take them over to the hall on arrival at school. They are also expected to take them home to practise. I unfortunately do not have the space for guitars to be left in class.

Please see the below from Mr Torrese - 

Hi everyone, to really get better at playing an instrument, you have to practise!!

All my lesson videos on the levels we are learning are posted on Edmodo in the class group: 4hnka7. Parents check this out so you’re informed and know what your child is striving to achieve. 

Make sure you scroll to the bottom of the page to start at Level 1 lessons.
Parents, if you’re not sure about what we are learning, check out the Step by Step Levels document also on the Edmodo page.

When to practise:
I strongly suggest at least 10 minutes each day, Monday to Thursday and whenever you might get a chance on the weekend…trust me, it’s often better than watching TV….Rock stars and classical musicians practised, they didn’t watch TV….

Everyone now has a guitar and the school is happy for guitars to be taken home for practise.

Remember – Thursday is guitar day. So parents please help us to remember guitars on that day!

Many thanks 

Mr. T


We have begun the term with some formalised assessments...I am sure the students have told you all about them. This helps me to gather important information about your child so that I can help them to be as successful as possible...they have been so patient!

We have begun our spelling work this week. I have grouped the students according to their assessment and we spent the morning familiarising ourselves with our weekly tasks. We had a great discussion about the purpose of the activities that we do and the importance of being present and focused during our spelling lessons!


We now have our diaries which will be used to record all homework for the week, your child will receive theirs today.

Reading - 10 - 15 minutes each night. This is to be recorded in their diary and brought to you to be signed. I will check this each morning. Please feel free to pop any messages or notes in there.

Spelling - students will complete a LCWC of all list words. I ask for your support in reinforcing the importance of neat and well presented work.

Mental Maths - students are to READ through Unit 1. They are to complete Unit 2 - Monday to Thursday. Please assist your child by checking through it once they are finished...let me know if there is anything that they may need reviewed.

Guitar - practice for 10 minutes each night.

BTN - we will watch Episode 1 on Wednesday in class. I will assign a quiz that will need to be completed by Wednesday 15th February. Students can re-watch the episode as many times as they need.

Have a fantastic week and I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow night.

Mrs Delane 

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