Term 1, Week 7

Hi Parents and students,

I trust all the Docker’s supporters out there enjoyed that rare winning feeling over the weekend. Well done!

Affirmation of the Week:

I am still on the hunt for some dad volunteers for the Year 6 camp. Let me know if you are interested.

Under this section you will find the literacy learning intentions for the week.

CAFÉ-R (Traits of good readers)

The comprehension strategy we will be focusing on this week is questioning. Questioning is when readers ask questions before, during and after reading to clarify meaning, make predictions and identify what is important.

Voices (Traits of good writers)

We will be revising and editing our narratives this week before typing our final copies on Microsoft Word.

All students have received a rubric, which is aligned to the ‘VOICES’ framework and this will act as a checklist to ensure we are including all the elements of a great narrative. A copy of this rubric can be found via our Literacy OneNote folder.

Under this section you will find the Numeracy learning intentions for the week.

We will be exploring a variety of graphs this week. The graphs include, picture, double column, pie charts, divided bar graphs, line graphs and travel graphs.

Home Learning Grid:

You will be able to find a copy of the ‘Week 7/8’ home learning grid under our home learning folder in One Note. All students will receive a hard copy to glue into their exercise books.

Please ensure your child is organised and staying on top of their Home learning Grid through regular discussions and checks. Please feel free to contact me if you require any clarification regarding the grid.

Enjoy the week,

Mr Jones

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