Term 1, Week 9

Hi Parents and students,
What a great weekend to be down south! So special to be able to witness such a unique swell direction and see the whole coastline light up. Can’t wait for the next cyclone swell in 9 years!

Affirmation of the Week:

I am still on the hunt for some dad volunteers for the Year 6 camp. Let me know if you are interested.

Chrism Mass:
Please make sure your child has brought their permission slip into me tomorrow morning. Some children have suggested that they have misplaced their note. I have said to them to have Mum or Dad write a note that they give them permission to travel by bus, to and from St Patrick’s Cathedral in Bunbury. Please refer to the ‘Chrism Mass Blog’ for any other info.

Holy Week:
The Year 5’s and 6’s will be presenting their part of Holy Week celebrations on Wednesday morning at 9:00am in the hall. We will be looking at the events that occurred on Good Friday. This means we will be looking at all the Stations of the Cross except the Resurrection. You are more than welcome to join us.  

Under this section you will find the literacy learning intentions for the week.

CAFÉ-R (Traits of good readers)
The comprehension strategy we will be focusing on this week is visualising. Visualising is when readers create a picture in their mind as they are reading. Readers who can imagine the characters or the setting they read about become more involved in what they are reading and thus, makes for a more meaningful reading experience.

Voices (Traits of good writers)
Last week, we began to explore poetry. We have looked at the different elements of poetry. We will now investigate structure, rhythm and rhyme, and figurative language.

Under this section you will find the Numeracy learning intentions for the week.

This week, we are investigating units of length.

Home Learning Grid:
You will be able to find a copy of the ‘Week 9/10’ home learning grid under our home learning folder in One Note. All students will receive a hard copy to glue into their exercise books.

Please ensure your child is organised and staying on top of their Home learning Grid through regular discussions and checks. Please feel free to contact me if you require any clarification regarding the grid.

Due to the Easter Weekend, I don’t expect the students to complete everything on their grid. I would say that it equate to 1 week’s worth of home learning.

Enjoy the week and have a great Easter long weekend!

Mr Jones

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